Ages 13-17



Jonathan is an outgoing young man who lets you know what is on his mind. He is respectful to  teachers and other authority figures and is doing well on his IEP. Jonathan is creative; he likes to draw and plans to join his school’s animé club. Jonathan hopes to be adopted by a single mother, …

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Andrew loves to make people laugh; he enjoys imitating some of the characters he sees in his video games. He also enjoys sports, especially football. Andrew is participating in counseling and medication therapies to better control his behaviors. His ideal family will have experience in working with service providers, and understand the strategies being used …

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Arielle is a 14- year-old “girly girl” who loves dancing, singing, listening to music, and talking on the phone. She likes volleyball and gymnastics and hopes to participate in both at school. She loves to cook, bake, and make slime. Arielle is very likable and loves to talk once she is comfortable with a person. …

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Like many teen boys, Alex can quickly name his three favorite things: video games, cartoons, and eating – he loves to try new foods. Alex has had a wonderful foster caregiver who has been working with him on behavior, speech and hygiene. At school, he has been doing well with the extra support that he …

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Victoria “Tori” is a creative and enthusiastic teen. She loves to shop and sing, especially “old school” hip-hop like Shaggy and Nelly. She enjoys reading anime books, and spending time with animals, particularly dogs. Victoria participates in trauma therapy and will do best joining a family that has had experience parenting a child that has …

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Kai is in the 7th grade this year.  Kai is generally polite and respectful.  He loves positive attention and responds well to praise.  Kai enjoys helping others and especially looks forward to earning an allowance.  Kai loves to be active.  He enjoys playing football during the Fall season.  He also enjoys exploring his neighborhood and experiencing …

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Aaron is a real sports fanatic. He likes to play basketball and football, and he is a devoted fan of the Green Bay Packers. Aaron is good with his hands, and does well in school; math, reading, and science are his favorite subjects. His favorite foods include hamburgers and macaroni and cheese. Aaron: Born 2005  …

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Makhi is known for being kind and helpful in his foster home. He is proud that he completes chores and earns an allowance or other rewards. Makhi enjoys playing basketball, riding his bike, and going bowling. He also loves playing video games. He maintains contact with an aunt, and visits with her regularly; his adoptive …

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