Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet Arielle

Year Born: 2009


ID#: 61915543

Arielle is a 14- year-old “girly girl” who loves dancing, singing, listening to music, and talking on the phone. She likes volleyball and gymnastics and hopes to participate in both at school. She loves to cook, bake, and make slime. Arielle is very likable and loves to talk once she is comfortable with a person. Recently, she has shown great maturity and has begun to take responsibility for her attitude and behaviors.

Arielle has experienced significant trauma, and would benefit  from joining a family with a lot of patience and consistency. Arielle wants very much to be with a forever family that will love and support her.

Please reply to:
Adoption Caseworker Rhonda Nicholson
Phone: 419-213-3548 • Email:

Adoption Supervisor Tymeeka Gipson
Phone: 419-213-3556 • Email:

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