Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet Jonathan

Year Born:2008


ID#: 5534644

Jonathan is an outgoing young man who lets you know what is on his mind. He is respectful to  teachers and other authority figures and is doing well on his IEP. Jonathan is creative; he likes to draw and plans to join his school’s animé club. Jonathan hopes to be adopted by a single mother, or a large, loving family. He wants a prospective family to know that  he tries very hard to be respectful. He attends counseling and will do best with parents willing to partner with his service providers.

Please reply to:
Adoption Caseworker Monique Lang-Kimbrough 
Phone: (419 )213-3750 • Email:
Adoption Supervisor Tymeeka Gipson
Phone: 419-213-3556 • Email:

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