Childs Information: Siblings

Jason, Carlito & Anthony

Jason, Carlito, and Anthony are three brothers who need a special family that is willing to keep them together and be able to meet their specialized needs. Jason gets along well with other children. He enjoys painting houses and doing home repair. With support from his caseworkers and an IEP plan, he is determined to …

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Aaron is a real sports fanatic. He likes to play basketball and football, and he is a devoted fan of the Green Bay Packers. Aaron is good with his hands, and does well in school; math, reading, and science are his favorite subjects. His favorite foods include hamburgers and macaroni and cheese. Aaron: Born 2005  …

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Carl, Lasciel & Cathryn

These siblings are a group of just really great youth. Carl, too, is very social – he has a great sense of humor, and always wears a smile. He enjoys riding his bike and being outside. He also expresses his opinions very well. Lasciel is an excellent student and basketball player. She is friendly and …

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Dion & Dominic

Dion and Dominic’s caregivers describe both of these brothers as smart and kind. They are talkative and like to meet new people. Dion likes to play outside and watch TV; he burns off energy by playing with fidget spinners. Dominic also enjoys TV and being outdoors; he excels in school and regularly receives awards for …

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