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Meet Khaliah and Damontae

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Damontae is a friendly and outgoing young man. He has limited verbal skills, but uses sign language to communicate. He is good at writing, and excels at school. Damontae enjoys playing outside, basketball, playing video games, watching television, and food. Damontae needs a family that will love and care for him, provide guidance, and set appropriate limits, especially as they relate to his special needs.

Khaliah is a smart and funny teen. She enjoys dancing, does well in school, and gets along well with others. She does not like confrontation. Khaliah would be successful with a family that is willing to go the extra mile to maintain a permanent home for her. The family would need to provide appropriate structure and support, offer guidance, and set appropriate limits.

  • Damontae: Born 2011 | ID# 8593906
  • Khaliah: Born 2008 | ID# 862119

Please reply to:
Adoption Caseworker Lucretia Wainwright at 419-213-3516, or Adoption Supervisor, Jennifer Gale at 419-213-3317,

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