Childs Information: Female


Arielle is a 14- year-old “girly girl” who loves dancing, singing, listening to music, and talking on the phone. She likes volleyball and gymnastics and hopes to participate in both at school. She loves to cook, bake, and make slime. Arielle is very likable and loves to talk once she is comfortable with a person. …

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Victoria “Tori” is a creative and enthusiastic teen. She loves to shop and sing, especially “old school” hip-hop like Shaggy and Nelly. She enjoys reading anime books, and spending time with animals, particularly dogs. Victoria participates in trauma therapy and will do best joining a family that has had experience parenting a child that has …

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Eliza is an outstanding student athlete and musician. Not only does she maintain good grades, she excels at both volleyball and basketball, and plays an instrument at school. She is well-liked by both teachers and her peers, and has responded well to the nurturing that she has received from her foster caregiver. Eliza hopes to …

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