Childs Information: Ages 8-12


Ja’meer is a busy young man who likes to share his knowledge with adults. He enjoys playing outside, and with any kind of electronic toys. He also loves dogs. Ja’meer meets regularly with a counselor to address his anxiety and past trauma. He would benefit from joining a family that is patient and encouraging. Please …

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Darr’ion is a sweet and lovable child who likes watching movies, listening to gospel music, watching cartoons and playing on his iPad. He thrives on affection, consistency, having a regular routine, and earning rewards from a team of experienced caretakers. Darr’ion attends a special school to meet his needs and would do best with a …

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Mesyiah is a busy young man, usually the first out of bed in the morning to watch cartoons or play video games. He is active, spending hours outside on his bike or playing sports with the other kids in the neighborhood. Mesyiah is also a good eater. His caregiver reports that he enjoys home-style cooking, …

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