Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet Carl, Lasciel & Cathryn

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These siblings are a group of just really great youth. Carl, too, is very social – he has a great sense of humor, and always wears a smile. He enjoys riding his bike and being outside. He also expresses his opinions very well. Lasciel is an excellent student and basketball player. She is friendly and sensitive, with a “pleaser” personality. She enjoys arts and crafts, as well as being out in the community. Finally, Cathryn is silly and sweet. She loves animals, riding her bike, and hanging out with her siblings. These children are closely bonded with each other and would like a family that will adopt them altogether.

  • Carl: Born 2006 | ID# 8851870
  • Lasciel: Born 2007 | ID# 8851871
  • Cathryn: Born 2010 | ID# 8851867

Contact: Gwenn Hasenfratz 419-213-3614

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