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Meet Sebastian, Mickensey & Leiam

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Mickensey, Leiam, and Sebastian are siblings in search of a family that knows about parenting children who have experienced trauma and that can provide a structured loving environment where the siblings can remain together.

Mickensey is described as a girly girl; she loves singing, dancing, doing gymnastics and reading. Mickensey likes to help with chores and loves to help bake. Mickensey’s favorite animal are cats and she loves strawberry smoothies

Leiam loves to play outside, swim and ride his bike. He is very active and likes to play with matchbox cars and blocks. He is social and likes to tell jokes. He is starting to enjoy reading and his favorite books are about sharks. Leiam wants to be a marine biologist when he grow up. His favorite food is broccoli.

Sebastian is imaginative and expressive; he likes to play with Legos and crafts. Sebastian is very caring and affectionate. Sebastian gets along with his peers but tends to like to play by himself more.

• Mickensey: Born: 2010 | 8585334
• Leiam: Born: 2013 | 9526566
• Sebastian: Born: 2014 | 12486780

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