Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet Makaela & Nataliah

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This close-knit group of siblings is looking for a family that will keep them together. Makaela is talkative and loves new adventures. She swims and plays well with others. She is very proud of the advances she’s made at school. Nataliah, the youngest child, is active and enjoys gymnastics. She swims and has fun playing outside. She has also improved her grades this year, thanks to some extra support from her caregiver. All of the children love animals, especially dogs. They are all on target and are just waiting for the right family to adopt them.

Contact: Lucretia Wainwright 419-213-3516

  • Makaela: Born 2008 | ID# 7781615
  • Nataliah: Born 2009 | ID# 11515224

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