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Jason, Carlito, and Anthony are three brothers who need a special family that is willing to keep them together and be able to meet their specialized needs. Jason gets along well with other children. He enjoys painting houses and doing home repair. With support from his caseworkers and an IEP plan, he is determined to learn to read. Carlito attends regular classes at school, but gets support to manage his behaviors. He is hoping to be adopted by a family that has good food and a dog. Like his older brother, Carlito enjoys working with his hands. Anthony, the youngest brother, is quieter, but quick to smile. He attends specialized classes and counseling. All three boys enjoy going to amusement parks, attending summer camp, and playing dodge ball. Families interested in adopting Jason, Carlito, and Anthony should be experienced in meeting the needs of children with developmental and emotional challenges.

Jason: Born 2003  |  ID# 7879545
Carlito: Born 2005  |  7880584
Anthony: Born 2004  |  7880583

Contact: Lucretta Wainwright 419-213-3516

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