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Damontae is a very good student. He can use sign language and is good at writing. He is very friendly and gets along with other people. Damontae enjoys playing outside, playing basketball, watching television and eating snacks. He smiles, hugs, and laughs with the caregiver. Damontae would be successful in a home that is willing to go the extra mile to provide permanency. The family would need to have the appropriate structure and support to provide him with guidance, and meet him where he is with respect to his special needs. 


Darayion is friendly three year old that likes to play outside a lot of the time. He listens well to the foster parents. Darayion laughs and his personality is described as “goofy,” but becomes more serious when it is time for bed. He loves water and enjoys getting splashed during bath time. Darayion will require a family that will love and care for him. He will need a home that offers him guidance, sets appropriate limits, and is supportive.


Khaliah is funny and has a nice smile. She enjoys dancing and does well socially and academically in school. Khaliah sometimes struggles with social interactions and confrontations. Khaliah is healthy and happy and loves her brothers. 

Sibling ID# 61615178

Individual Youth:

  • Darayion: Born 2017  |  ID# 16614868
  • Khaliah: Born 2008  |  ID# 8621193
  • Damontae: Born 2011  |  ID# 8593906

Contact: Lucretia Wainwright 419-213-3516

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