Lucas County Children Awaiting Forever Families

Meet A’laya & Daveiona

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Sisters Daveiona and A’laya are very close. They are hoping to find an adoptive family that will keep them together. Daveiona is caring and smart; she does very well at school. She is very social and likes to be involved in school and community activities. Daveiona engages in trauma therapy and is working at expressing her emotions. A’laya is fun-loving and silly at times. She loves being helpful and enjoys doing chores and helping around the house with everyday tasks. She craves one-on-one attention. She has been working hard to improve her focus and grades at school.  A’laya also participates in therapy and is working on feelings and social cues.    

Daveiona and A’laya will thrive in a family that can provide a structured, loving environment.  

  • A’laya: Born 2014 | 22706812
  • Daveiona: Born 2010 | 8195010

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